crysalis jewelry is going strong

hi all. please check out my facebook page for photos of my new repurposed jewelry line, CRYSALIS, as well as my blog: www.crysalisjewelry.com & my etsy shop

thanks for your continued support!


crysalis upcycled jewelry

introducing crysalis, my new line of upcycled adornment. i have decided to re-focus creatively and now all my attention lies in my new endeavor.

crysalis has emerged out of necessity. the concept of a crysalis is one i truly resonate with, the transformative process of the caterpillar in its' cocoon as it goes through the complete metamorphosis into a butterfly.

i decided to spin myself a cocoon, morph into something new and emerge with wings. finding my way back to my true passion for distressed, worn objects with age, character and history. i now incorporate these things into my creations. there is so much beauty in the inherent richness these objects gather as time passes. 

may you enjoy their stories as much as i do. xo - crystal


adroit = expert or nimble in the use of the hands or body

"current" ring - fold-formed sterling silver


fresh batch

these are my newest rings...and newest rings to be, below...these stones are so gorgeous, each for their own reason...all unique...all with special qualities...i'm in love...

i've decided to switch over from using resin to using stones because of the higher energetic vibration they hold. man-made resins just don't compare to the naturally intrinsic qualities that stones have. though resins have been quite fun to experiment with, i'm sure i'll come back around to them later on. but for now, the stones are waiting!


back in the swing...

my hammers are at it again! after a time of focusing on other very important things in life, i have decided these lovely stones needed to find a home within some great, distressed, handmade rings!

one more little thing: today, i found a great source of inspiration in an article from lapidary journal's "jewelry artist" magazine, sept/oct 2012 (it's been sitting in my house for a month & today happened to be the right day that it would sink in!) 

it's titled "develop your artistic identity" by michael david sturlin, a great teacher that i've had the pleasure of learning from here and there. what a great article full of wisdom from this seasoned instructor on how to really create your signature style. he suggests the best way is to design always with a series in mind, with a thoughtful use of common elements & similar design vocabulary. this is the path towards a cohesive collection. he reminds us that though it doesn't happen quickly, over time with this thoughtful approach, your style will evolve into a body of work that really comes from within.



micha design

this is the very cool studio i have started working with, micha design. she has a very innovative design vision & nothing is off limits! what a great mentality to hold. www.michadesign.com


harlequin wedding band

pure, handmade goodness! this is a custom men's wedding band: drilled, pierced, filed, soldered, hammered, sanded + polished with these two loving hands for a very special guy living in phoenix.

now there are many ways to achieve a similar result, possibly many of them easier than what i just did. HOWEVER, on the fly, this is how to make it happen. it came out so beautifully, i think i shall make another. i have always wanted to make jewelry for men anyhow!


harlequin wedding band

this is a progress shot of a custom wedding band i have been making this week. it's been a bit complicated to hand-fabricate, however it is coming out beautifully. ready to oxidize, polish + place in a tiny box!


my sweet ride

i LOVE this bicycle! it's a nishiki 10 speed from the 80's. really fun. went for a long ride the other day and just wanted to share my appreciation. thank you craigslist!


recent work

taking a break from my own work cause having a full time job took it out of me! how do you all do it? here i have started to play with a combination of images + transparencies. cool effects!

introducing "succulessence"

my husband john + i have been creating very cool UPcycled succulent container gardens, feeding a need to plant + buy cool old antiques! please visit out our blog: succulessence. 


forgotten memories...

a few pictures i snapped while john was working on this buick. i just love the ephemera...


crystal j. rivera's photostream

stardust earringstiny silver lining necklacerosemary necklacestardust necklace with blue topaztiny silver lining earringscrater pendant with garnet
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blue string thing ringtarragon resin ringpink string thing ringlime wisp earringsbranches earringsone liners earrings
white stallion pendantpod ringpod ringrepurposed postal pendantsmy benchred bottlebrush hoop earrings

good morning! just thought i would share my lovely photostream of past work as a post. that is, until i figure out how to post it on the sidebar! dang awesome, complicated, wonderful technology!

xo - crystal


DEWDROP earrings

these are so light + airy! love 'em!

i hope you have a wonderful day! xo- crystal


postal pendant in beethoven etsy treasury!

what a fun idea to create a treasury about beethoven. i do honestly love the compositions he wrote, so i am honored to be a part of this grouping with my "beethoven's look" vintage postage resin pendant. to see the complete treasury, please visit: wearing-beethoven treasury created by VermeerHouse.

it's so fun to see these creations all together :) my personal favorite is beethoven's 5th symphony.


swivel ring in an etsy treasury!

it was so lovely to see my fun little ring with this beautiful assortment of materials! thank you HelloPurl for including me :)