back in the swing...

my hammers are at it again! after a time of focusing on other very important things in life, i have decided these lovely stones needed to find a home within some great, distressed, handmade rings!

one more little thing: today, i found a great source of inspiration in an article from lapidary journal's "jewelry artist" magazine, sept/oct 2012 (it's been sitting in my house for a month & today happened to be the right day that it would sink in!) 

it's titled "develop your artistic identity" by michael david sturlin, a great teacher that i've had the pleasure of learning from here and there. what a great article full of wisdom from this seasoned instructor on how to really create your signature style. he suggests the best way is to design always with a series in mind, with a thoughtful use of common elements & similar design vocabulary. this is the path towards a cohesive collection. he reminds us that though it doesn't happen quickly, over time with this thoughtful approach, your style will evolve into a body of work that really comes from within.


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