back to work...

Being nearly jobless and having lots of spare time right now, I have decided to turn and focus on my true strengths - my art. No use sitting around and letting this talent go to waste! So I've decided to put this extra time to good use while looking for another source of income. It's the most satisfying way to spend a day.
I love them, but I've never seriously pursued enamels before. I am as excited about this process as ever - and as inspired. There are so many creative possibilities with this medium. Some of these pieces were made by torch firing one piece at a time on my back patio. But there are many mishaps to be had in that process - like touching the flame on the surface by accident and leaving burn marks. OOH!!! So kilns are the obvious best choice. You do with what you have though... and i will keep at it, whatever i have to do, to give my metal forms this luxurious smooth, colorful texture. All these years working with bright or black oxidized metal, i am ready for some COLOR in my life!!!
Thank you to my former classmates Danielle Embry and Jessica Calderwood for bringing me great inspiration in this medium - and reminding me the possibilities are ENDLESS.

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