thank you!!!

thank you to everyone who came out to first fridays last night. it was a great pleasure to meet so many amazing people!
i am so thankful for my loving friends + family for all their wonderful support in my endeavors. i could not do it without you + i love you all.
some of my jewelry pictured below did find new homes (YAY!!!) come give orphan jewelry a home this weekend at the a.ware holiday sale: 11-5 in the willo neighborhood at 534 w. coronado, phoenix... call 602.262.2092 for more info.
i must say, the best part of the evening was lining up some trades with a few fabulous painters + printmakers. i am SO excited!!! if you are interested in doing a trade with me, lets talk. my world could always use a little more richness! again, thank you everyone. it was such a pleasure!

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