i had made these resin pieces a couple months ago. they sat on the bench. they travelled around with me in little baggies, BEGGING to become something more. so i let them, despite the fact my soldering skills could use some practice. armed with a "new" old cross peen hammer, i figure its better to make work, even make potentially MEDIOCRE work, than make no finished work at all. step up to the next place. each step learning, thinking, improving, pondering, practicing, messing up, fixing, refining, finishing, wearing! each step in the process has value. and in this process, i have realized what to do better next time. this is SO worth all the effort. 
next time: make the front just as compelling to look at - as the back!


  1. I love the way you look at natural objects. So inspiring!

  2. thank you! finding beauty in the natural world comes so easily. also the beauty in the process of things disintegrating and wearing away. so glad i can be a bit of inspiration to another. keep on creating!